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AR Animal Education Cards


Augmented Reality lets your child see the animals on the cards come to Life!

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Augmented Reality lets your child see the animals on the cards come to Life!

Download the free app (Android and iOS apps available) onto your tablet or mobile device. Start the app and pick a card from one of the 5 decks. Aim the camera at the card and watch the animal come to life on your screen!

  • THE PERFECT WAY TO EDUCATE OUR MODERN CHILDREN – AR Animal is an interactive learning system that gets kids 4 to 9 years old excited about learning with fun activities that teach life in the ocean, life of wild animals, bugs, and more!
  • BRING THE ZOO TO YOUR HOUSE – A pretty cool way of using flashcards to teach kids basic animal life in our planet, both modern and historically. You have a choice of using the provided 5 groups of cards in the kit like the old way of showing the picture of the animal followed by the matching word and description behind it to have the kid work on memory retention of common appearances of animals. Or… You can use Augmented Reality, which is the value of this package.
  • DON’T JUST LISTEN, EXPERIENCE – AR Animal uses physical cards and your iOS- or Android-based tablet or smartphone to engage young children in learning about different creatures. “Did you know that Kangaroos can’t move backwards?” “The Killer Whale, is the largest member of the Dolphin family” “A cow can produce 6 gallons of milk a day. We make most dairy products such as butter, cream, ice cream and cheese from the milk we get from cows!”
  • BECAUSE YOUR CHILD’S SMILE IS WORTH IT – You know it, children are likely to listen with curiosity and wonder, bugs grab their attention regularly and they ask a lot of questions about many things. Our AR Animal system was designed to help grow children’s eagerness and responds to the child’s wildlife interest by using a combination of engaging storytelling, eye catching images and the latest technology.


  • The AR (Augmented Reality) cards include:
  • Land Animal Cards
  • Sea Animal Cards
  • Bird Cards
  • Insect Cards
  • Dinosaur Cards

Operating System Required to use AR feature:
– Android 4.0 or higher version
– iOS 6.0 or higher
– iPhone 5 or higher, iPad 3 or higher, iPad Touch 5 or higher

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