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LFGB Grade Chew-able Shark Tooth Necklace for Autism, Teething, ADHD , Biting (White)


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  • HELPS REDUCE ANXIETY AND STRESS – LFGB Grade Chew-able Shark Tooth Necklaces are a safe chewing option for individuals with sensory needs, such as Autism, PDD, and ADHD. They help to greatly reduce anxiety and stress for those with sensory input disorders and provide a safe alternative to chewing on hands, pens, clothing, and hard objects.
  • 100% SAFE AND NON-TOXIC – Completely safe for children and free of any toxins such as lead, latex, BPA, PVC, Etc. All chew-able necklaces also come with an adjustable breakaway clasp for additional safety.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – A simple wash under water effectively removes any lingering residue. Ultra sanitary and hygienic.

What’s the Difference between FDA and LFGB Grade Silicon?

Different countries have different standards that silicone products must meet to be deemed safe for human use when in contact with food. Specifically, they shall not transfer their components into the food in quantities that could endanger human health, change the composition of the food in an unacceptable way or deteriorate the taste and odor of foodstuffs.

Manufacturers will use a different quality of silicone material depending on their customer’s requirements – which will depend on where the customer plans to sell their silicone products and also to what level of quality they want to offer their own customers.

For example, in the US & Australia, the minimum standard for silicone products is ‘FDA’ approved silicone (Food & Drug Administration).

Silicone products sold in Germany & France must meet ‘LFGB’ regulations which is the toughest of all standards – this type of silicone material must pass more intensive testing and is therefore more expensive.

“The LFBG (Lebensmittel-, Bedarfsgegenstände-und Futtermittelgesetzbuch, or “Foods, Consumer Goods and Feedstuffs Code”) is sometimes thought to be the European equivalent of the FDA. This is not quite correct. The LFGB is the German enactment of European law as operated by the Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung (BfR). The BfR recommendations for food-contact materials are some of the more comprehensive in the EU”

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