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What Is the Buckle Boss® Seat Belt Guard?

The Buckle Boss® Seat Belt Guard is an innovative safety device designed to prevent passengers from unbuckling their seat belts. It is specifically designed to cover the seat belt buckle release button, adding an extra layer of protection and security. By effectively blocking access to the buckle release button, the Buckle Boss Seat Belt Guard helps to keep passengers, especially children or individuals with special needs, safely buckled in during travel. It is a simple yet effective solution to enhance seat belt safety and prevent accidents caused by seat belt unbuckling.

Do I Need To Modify My Vehicle To Fit the Buckle Boss® Seat Belt Guard?

No, you do not need to modify your vehicle to fit the Buckle Boss® Seat Belt Guard. It is designed to be a universal fit and can be easily attached to most standard seat belt buckles without any modifications. Additionally, there are no regulatory requirements for the seat belt guard. The Buckle Boss Seat Belt Guard is a versatile and user-friendly device that can be installed and removed in seconds, providing a hassle-free solution to enhance seat belt safety. Simply slide the Buckle Boss over the seat belt buckle and secure it in place. It is designed to work with various vehicle makes and models, ensuring compatibility and ease of use for your convenience.

What Happens if the Driver Is Incapacitated After an Accident and Unable To Release the Buckle Boss From the Passenger’s Seat Belt?

In emergency situations where the driver is incapacitated and unable to unbuckle the seat belt, trained emergency responders prioritize the safety and well-being of all vehicle occupants. As part of their standard procedures, they may opt to quickly and efficiently cut the seat belts using specialized tools rather than spending valuable time attempting to release the Buckle Boss with a slim object.

Where Can I Buy a Buckle Boss Seat Belt Guard?

You can buy the Buckle Boss Seat Belt Guards in our shop, on Amazon and through other third-party retailors. The Buckle Boss Police & Rescue can be found on Savvik Buying Group’s website.