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Buckle Boss Rescue


Patent pending. Help secure combative patients on Emergency Medical Services vehicles. Contact us for bulk discounts or a free unit to trial.

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The sturdy, practical design of the newest Buckle Boss® device allows emergency vehicle personnel to protect the safety of themselves and their patients.

Patent Pending

GBY, Inc. creator of the original Buckle Boss introduced a safety device designed to meet the needs of Emergency Medical Services personnel and their patients. The Buckle Boss® Rescue. Using data from real life scenarios and boots on the ground input received from ambulance company professionals, the makers of the original Buckle Boss created a design for a safety device meant to protect the lives of combative patients and Emergency Medical Services personnel en route to a hospital or other medical facility.

Some patients due to the influence of drugs, psychological issues and other conditions can become combative. In fact, patients experiencing distress or disorientation due to drug use, or a psychological condition can attempt to pull off and escape restraints, push away emergency medical personnel, and even try to exit the emergency vehicle. Not surprisingly, this can endanger the safety of the patient, emergency medical services personnel and sometimes even individuals in the surrounding area. Furthermore, this type of behavior can damage costly medical equipment in the emergency vehicle or even the vehicle itself. This is where the special design of this Buckle Boss® Rescue device fulfills the purpose of increasing the safety level of everyone involved in an ambulance run.


   NAEMT Violence Report 2019

This Buckle Boss® Rescue is based on the design of the successful Buckle Boss Bus, but with a few significant differences. The Buckle Boss Rescue has a construction that includes extra thick walls of plastic. This is necessary to prevent the device from being cracked or broken by a combative patient intent on getting up from the bed or gurney. The device stays intact and in place, allowing medical personnel to do the work of attending to the patient’s needs. This durable product can be used regularly in a variety of environments.

Another critical design detail of the new Buckle Boss® Rescue has to do with its release slots. Those familiar with the original Buckle Boss Bus know that there are slots on the top of the device for engaging and releasing the seatbelt fastener. However, there are no release slots located at the top of this device. They are located in an area on the device that is less accessible to a patient.
In addition, the release slots are smaller, putting up yet another barrier to an out-of-control patient intent on unlocking the device and leaving the emergency vehicle.

In the rush and harried nature of emergency situations, medical personnel may lock the device into place in a backward position. The design of the newest Buckle Boss has a convenient remedy for this situation. The device includes a small emergency release hole at the back of its structure. This hole provides a way for emergency medical services personnel to unlock the device very quickly to adjust its direction/position. So, the patient is kept secure while personnel are locking the device into place in the usual way.

Another product detail was added for the convenience of medical personnel who work in a variety of circumstances. There is a small hole in the Buckle Boss® Rescue where a lanyard can be run through it and secured into place. This lanyard attachment allows a user to secure the device to a bed, bag, belt, or other item providing easy access as well as safe storage. This simple design detail gives medical personnel the advantage of always knowing where to find their Buckle Boss Emergency Medical Services device!

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